While trying open Company file getting Unrecoverable Error?

In some of the situations it is possible that you find some errors while you are using QuickBooks software for opening the company files.  Reasons behind that particular issue can be solved and for getting solutions of this kind of issue check this content, from this content you will able to know the causes behind this event along with their solutions. QuickBooks provides you all the business related services so as being a regular user you surely want to know about the cause and solutions when you are opening company files, check the following information:

Errors that can occur while you are dealing with company files:

QuickBooks is genuine software so as a user you always want to know the reasons or causes behind the unrecoverable error that you face while you are trying to open any of the company file. Following errors can occur while you are trying to open company files, check them and understand the reasons behind this event:


  • Unrecoverable error 12101 87821 when you are opening files:


When you try to open a company file then this error can occur you can find your company file in a damaged structure where you are totally unable to open that file. If your QuickBooks software is not updated within the new versions then this kind of issue can occur and can show you the unrecoverable error.

  • Unrecoverable error due to other installed software:

You can find unrecoverable error while you are opening any company file due to other software installed on your system, the functions or any viruses present in that software can cause you this particular problem.

Solutions that you can do for opening company files:

Using the given information about the solutions of the above mentioned issue, you will be able to solve the unrecoverable error that you are facing when you are trying to open any of the company files. Check the solutions that you can do for this particular issue:

You can create new user instantly:

If any user facing this issue again and again then the best solution that he can do is to create a new user identity as soon as possible for opening the unrecoverable company files.

Run QuickBooks file doctor:

Other solution that you can do if you are facing this problem, run the QuickBooks file doctor where you can find the exact information that you can solve this unrecoverable error.

For more information you can call us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1800-291-2485


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